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This wiki is meant for fans of the Calabiyau Chronicles by Diana S. Zimmerman.


Written by American author Diana S. Zimmerman, the Calabiyau Chronicles is a trilogy of fantasy novels aimed at young teens. The series is set in the fairy kingdom of Calabiyau, and relates the story of Princess Kandide's ascent to the throne and the struggle to maintain peace with the other kingdoms in their world.

The first novel in the series, Kandide and the Secret of the Mists (2008), introduces Kandide as a spoiled, vain, and selfish teenager. Upon her father's death, Kandide is given the power of the Frost and is due to inherit the throne of Calabiyau. However, before her coronation, Kandide's wing is irreparably damaged in an accident. Because of Calabiyau's laws against "Imperfects", Kandide is banished by her mother to the Veil in the Mists, a magically protected sanctuary for the flawed and unfortunate. Without a clear heir, the kingdom is thrown into turmoil, and Kandide must learn acceptance.

The second novel in the series is Kandide: The Lady's Revenge. The third novel, Kandide: The Flame Is Fleeting, has yet to be published.

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