Kandide and the Secret of the Mists is a 2008 fantasy novel by Diana S. Zimmerman.

Plot Edit

King Toeyad, the benevolent and respected ruler of the kingdom of Calabiyau, lies dying after a fatal archery accident. In his final minutes, he transfers the Frost to his teenaged daughter, the spoiled and vain Princess Kandide, who will succeed him. He also gives a small portion of the Frost to his wife, Queen Tiyana, in the form of a kiss. After bidding his family a final farewell, Toeyad dies.

Shortly before Kandide's coronation, Kandide and her sister Tara are out picking pomegranates when a storm hits. Kandide is struck by lightning and falls, badly injuring her wing, before Tara can teleport them both to safety. Several healers attempt to mend Kandide's wing, but they are unsuccessful.

The laws of Calabiyau call for Imperfects, or Fee with deformities and disabilities, to be banished. Using a cloak to cover her damaged wing, Kandide makes a speech from the castle balcony. However, one of the guards steps on the edge of the cloak, exposing her deformity. Tiyana quickly transports Kandide to the Mists in order to save her from the wrath of the crowd.